We recognize the paramount importance of ensuring the security of your mail when selecting a mailbox service, particularly one responsible for handling and scanning your correspondence. We wish to provide you with the utmost confidence that your mail remains secure within our facility. Our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and security encompasses various measures:

Confidential Mailbox – Rest assured, your home address remains confidential and protected. We pledge never to disclose any customer’s personal information or contact details unless compelled by a court subpoena. Your identity remains safeguarded with us.

Scanning Protocol – First and foremost, we never scan your mail without obtaining your explicit consent. In instances where you have concerns about particularly sensitive mail, you retain the option to have it forwarded to you without being opened. In the event of mail scanning, it is handled expediently, remaining within its envelope for the shortest possible duration, all the while being monitored by continuous video surveillance. Following the completion of the scanning process, the mail promptly returns to our secure storage facility.

Employee Screening – Our personnel undergo comprehensive background checks as part of our rigorous hiring process to ensure their trustworthiness. Moreover, our entire warehouse, including the scanning and processing areas, remains under constant 24/7 video surveillance. Non-employees are strictly prohibited from accessing any areas associated with mail receipt, processing, or storage without continuous employee supervision.

Shredding Security – Any mail designated for destruction, whether it contains sensitive information or not, is shredded on-site before recycling. This practice eliminates the risk of both dumpster diving and mail theft, which are two of the most significant identity theft threats. Since we shred all unwanted mail, even obtaining your name and box number from an envelope would pose a challenge for potential identity thieves.

Storage Safeguards – Upon receipt, each piece of mail is meticulously tagged with a tracking barcode featuring a unique 8-digit item number. It is then securely filed and stored, remaining easily traceable and archived until you request scanning, forwarding, or disposal.

Account Protection – Your online control panel benefits from the robust security of a 256-bit SSL certificate provided by Verisign, a widely trusted name in internet security. For added security, we refrain from emailing scanned items, as email poses additional security vulnerabilities. Instead, you can securely access your account to view scanned mail.

Company Reliability – Santa Monica Mailboxes & More is a duly registered corporation, and has obtained CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) status with the USPS. Our operations are based within a highly secure mail processing facility located in Grandville, MI. We proudly cater to the remote mail processing requirements of numerous residential and commercial clients worldwide. We encourage you to verify our credentials with Authorize.net (for payment processing) or Verisign (for encryption and website security).