Rent a private high quality PO box & mailbox close to Mar Vista!

Blocks from the 10 and 405 Freeways on the corner of Ocean Park Blvd. and Centinela Ave.

We send you digital images of the mail in your mailbox and upon request can open, scan and email your mail to you.

Blocks from Bundy Ave. in the city of Los Angeles and zip codes 90066, 90064 and 90025.

Unlike traditional Unites States Post Office PO Boxes our private mailboxes include 24 hour access to your mail and packages and personable individualized service.

We have been serving the residents of Mar Vista for over 30 years.

Open a PO Box in Mar Vista today to enjoy the same quality and service.

We have taken the private mail box rental system to the next level of optimum service and innovation. The days of rushing to your mail box to see if important mail has arrived are over, especially if you discovered that urgent piece of mail had not arrived. Wasting time in Mar Vista  traffic, rushing around between meetings, just to retrieve your mail in business hours is past.

Our private service of mailbox rentals in Mar Vista offers superior 24 hour service with attention to the finest detail.

Rent a MailBox / PO Box in Mar Vista CA today. Our supreme service and extra attention to detail is the ultimate support for your business schedule.

Our company has been in business since 1983, building 36 years of trust with our loyal and ever expanding customer base. We have identified the unique need of each customer and built a private Mar Vista mail box service to suit those requirements.

Keep your Mar Vista box for the life of your business and know your highly valued mail is safe with us.

We pride ourselves on our friendly yet highly professional, personal, individual service to our customers. This is evident in our ground breaking Mar Vista private mail box service which includes the following:

A private mail box for Mar Vista CA, with a prime business address. Location is always key to your professional image. Our Mar Vista business address rental is the simplest solution to your prime location requirements in the crowded city.

Our private mail box rentals in Mar Vista offer you 24 hour access to your mail. We understand that your busy schedule needs to be alleviated and not everything can be done from 9-5. We have catered to your hectic schedule by giving you 24 hour access to your mail and packages.

When your mail arrives, we immediately send you a text message alerting you to the delivery. Taking this service even further, we then photograph the cover of your mail and send these images to you. This gives you immediate notice of what has arrived in your mail box. You no longer have to expectantly drive to your mail box for a package every day, until it is actually delivered.

Should you find yourself in an urgent situation where you cannot retrieve your mail and you desperately need to know the contents of a letter, upon your instruction, we will open the envelope concerned, scan it in and email the letter to you. It’s the simplest, most amazing system, turning your physical mail into virtual mail.

Do you need a dedicated fax service? Our business service offers you the use of our Mar Vista fax number. Print it on your business cards and save.

Are you out of town? Have you moved your home or office? We offer a mail and packaging forwarding service using UPS or Fedex, once a month, upon your request, all your mail items can be sent to you.

Your personal security is our concern; our Mar Vista CA mail box lobby is locked and monitored by security. When you hire your Mar Vista private mailbox, we issue you with a key to gain 24 hour access to the secure lobby.

Package Lockers are bigger mail boxes situated in our Mar Vista CA lobby. Give us a call or send us a message and we will store the big package in one of these lockers for you. The key will be waiting in your private mailbox. You can retrieve any size parcel 24 hours per day. This is a complimentary free service for our valued and cherished customers in Mar Vista.

You are welcome to call us during office hours and check on your mail, we will immediately let you know what has arrived in your mailbox.

With services like these you confidently know that your post and packages are secure and well looked after.

Contact us and rent your Mar Vista Mail Box today, don’t miss out on the prime location for your business address.

We’re always here to help!



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